Al Masaood Bergum: worker accommodation

“Good skilled labour is very difficult to come by in this part of the world so FRAMECAD technology is ideal. It works for the company and it works for the staff and our contractors because the system is simple.”

Al Masaood Bergum: worker accommodation

An easy switch

Today, almost 75% of AMB’s modular construction work involves cold-formed steel framing, and being the largest company of its type in the Middle East, that represents a huge volume of building activity.



According to Paolo Pedroni, Estimation Manager at AMB, the motivation for making the switch to cold form steel framing was two fold. “First, we wanted to improve our production efficiency and quality. Secondly, there was a strong move in the region to revise building regulations to reduce fire risk and that eventually was going to make timber frame buildings unacceptable in many parts of the Gulf Region. As it turns out, that is exactly what has happened.”

Of making the transition from timber to cold form steel frame production, Paolo says, “It wasn’t a big deal at all. We set up the Qatar factory right from the beginning to work exclusively with steel and we used this as training for the whole group. Our staff were keen on the technology straight away. When they got the FRAMECAD machine and saw integrated automation, it made their jobs easier and there was less room for error and timely delays.

“Good skilled labour is very difficult to come by in this part of the world so FRAMECAD technology is ideal. It works for the company and it works for the staff and our contractors because the system is simple; it is driven through our in-house designers, architects, and engineers, and then executed efficiently through one of our production facilities.”

The competitive advantage

AMB was the first company in the Gulf region to adopt FRAMECAD technology and Paolo believes it gave the company a decisive advantage. “We were the first to proactively adopt the FRAMECAD technology. We’re always trying to remain one step ahead of the field.

“We were able to provide detailed design, advanced engineering and new systems that streamlined the design and build processes and gave our client’s superior value at no extra cost.”



In the construction industry, the fall out from the world financial crisis since 2008 has affected many companies. However, Paolo believes FRAMECAD technology played a large part in helping AMB come through the crisis. “With our own machines and expertise in cold formed steel technology, we were in a better position to be able to value engineer our design concepts, utilizing cold formed steel. We needed to be a lot smarter and sharper with our pencils.”

Features and benefits

  • FRAMECAD’s easy to use technology is ideal for local labour
  • FRAMECAD enables seamless transition from timber to steel framing
  • Competitive edge in Middle East, thanks to early adoption of FRAMECAD technology

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