Abu Dhabi Steel Building System

“Thanks to FRAMECAD’s steel frame building systems, our production has gone up by 800% from last year.”

Abu Dhabi Steel Building System: worker accommodation

The complete solution

ADSBS (Abu Dhabi Steel Building Systems) installed a high volume workforce accommodation turnkey solution - a combination of various manufacturing plants, integrated software, supply chain and services delivering a sure path to consistent, high-quality productivity that will continue to grow with their production requirements.

Building standards in Abu Dhabi are demanding and architecture is generally sophisticated. The relationship between FRAMECAD and ADSBS began in 2006. ADSBS ordered their first FRAMECAD manufacturing solution to trial the product. The resulting two-storey accommodation block was a total success, and before long ADSBS ordered a second plant from FRAMECAD.

Operating from an open-air factory, ADSBS churned through more than 1000 tonnes of light gauge steel during the first 18 months of operation. The plant works six days a week. A FRAMECAD service contract ensures that regular maintenance checks are performed to limit downtime.

Positive user experience

Eng. Obaid Al Kaabi, Group Managing Director of Industrial Development Company LLC, is impressed with the FRAMECAD hardware. “The machines are excellent - very durable, even working outside in 45 degrees,” he said. Al Kaabi also reports that FRAMECAD’s customer support is more than living up to expectations.

Nader Elhajj - Director of Business Development for FRAMECAD - assisted ADSBS with the local municipality’s approval process, helping them to gain approval to build up to three-storey buildings with 1.2mm light gauge steel framing. This was a major feat, because UAE has famously exacting standards for construction approval. ADSBS has based its business entirely on the capability of the FRAMECAD steel frame building system, and the efficiency of the system has fuelled the company’s growth.

“Thanks to FRAMECAD’s steel frame building systems our production has gone up by 800% from last year,” said Mr. Obaid Al Kaabi. The nature of ADSBS’s work is changing as the company adds more steel frame manufacturing capacity. ADSBS has also taken advantage of the FRAMECAD steel frame building system new technology to improve and extend their headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Features and benefits

  • Expert knowledge and superior technology made FRAMECAD’s solution the perfect package for ADSBS
  • Regular maintenance checks by FRAMECAD’s Technical Support team minimise potential downtime
  • Success with local municipality approvals is due to FRAMECAD’s expert engineering support and consultancy.

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