Building Materials

FRAMECAD can supply building products for your project quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world

Additional to our specialised FRAMECAD Software & Manufacturing Equipment we can supply building products needed to construct your project quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

The core range of FRAMECAD building products include our exclusive fasteners and steel connectors, steel coils, roofing, insulation, building wraps and foils, flooring, tools, cladding and linings.

FRAMECAD can also provide other building products as required, FRAMECAD building products have been specifically chosen to ensure they work with the FRAMECAD System and are FRAMECAD certified.


Steel Coils
FRAMECAD source high quality steel from trusted steel mills globally. All FRAMECAD steel products conform to internationally approved standards and specifications that ensure quality output. Sought after by the manufacturing, construction, steel framing and sheetmetal sectors, our range includes galvanised, aluzinc, ZAM, galfan and Colorcote® Prepainted steel
FRAMECAD certified range of fasteners have been specifically designed, engineered and tested to work with FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Framing. The FRAMECAD range covers the complete requirements of any construction project. View technical manual
FRAMECAD certified Connectors are specifically designed for use with the FRAMECAD Design and Build system and are engineered to deliver the most advanced end-to-end steel frame building solution. View technical manual
Cladding & Linings
FRAMECAD certified cladding and linings range provides modern good looking, sustainable and cost effective construction solutions. The products are specifically sourced to meet strict quality standards and to integrate with the FRAMECAD Design and Build System
The roof is the first defense against the elements, and the condition of a roof can affect a building’s appearance and value. FRAMECAD certified roofing options are practical, highly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing 
Insulation, Wraps & Foils
FRAMECAD provides a range of quality insulation, wraps and foils. They have been chosen for their thermal, acoustic and moisture protection qualities.
FRAMECAD certified flooring products are durable, cost effective and highly versatile. Additionally the FRAMECAD flooring products allow for ease of installation in mid-flooring services such as water and electronic cabling
The FRAMECAD range of quality tooling products are specifically recommended for use with Cold Formed Steel framing and Construction. This enables your team to get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time round

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