Disaster relief

Where time is crucial and it is impractical to rely on traditional methods, the Mobile Factory can be quickly deployed.

Disaster relief solutions

In cases of disaster, immediate production of temporary and permanent structures such as hospitals, relief centers and housing can begin within hours of the Mobile Factory's arrival.

The ability to deliver a variety of construction applications anywhere in the world makes FRAMECAD the perfect design and build solution for disaster relief housing. FRAMECAD can provide all the building materials and local training needed to construct safe shelters quickly.

Benefits of disaster relief solutions with FRAMECAD

  • Locating the manufacturing equipment onsite allows for the building to be manufactured and erected rapidly
  • Achieve an accelerated construction process through the time saving benefits of FRAMECAD software and manufacturing equipment
  • The accurate design and engineering software allows for large scale repetition of buildings
  • FRAMECAD Mobile Factory can be mobilized to areas with limited or no infrastructure
  • FRAMECAD solutions are easy to operate and assemble; the FRAMECAD System can be used by those with little to no experience 
  • The FRAMECAD System allows for construction in areas with restricted access to resources and materials

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