And while some construction companies have struggled to deliver on their deadines, others have quickly embraced new technology and techniques to build things more efficiently.
Unheard of in Brazil until recent times, light gauge steel frame construction has now been used in a wide range of small and large scale projects, and has earned a reputation for being a smarter, more efficient way of building.
But above all, it is the advantages the system provides in terms of cost control and certainty that are driving the big changes.
“One of the big problems that people building in Brazil face is that construction companies quote a price at the beginning of a project yet do not stick to the price,” says Gypsteel architect Helena Rodrigues
“They do not provide a fixed quote, just an indicative price, so developers find it hard to plan. With the FRAMECAD steel framing system, we are able to provide a fixed quote and stick to it – giving customers the assurance of knowing what their costs will be.”

Gypsteel Framecad

Olympic challenges
Gypsteel introduced FRAMECAD technology to Brazil seven years ago, and the company is now commanding serious attention in bids for large projects that are time and cost critical.
Gypsteel built the FIFA World Cup international broadcast centre (IBC) under challenging conditions in record time, producing and installing 28,000m² of partitions in six months.
Now, they’re working on the Olympics and several other prime projects throughout the country.
Clients include private developers, state governments and Brazil’s two largest construction companies, Oderbrecht and Camargo Correa which between them generated gross revenue in 2012 of over BRL 14 billion (US$5.8 billion).
Current work in progress includes a 17-theatre cinema complex in Niterói, a Nissan factory with a 34m clear span , major development at Rio de Janeiro International Airport and numerous projects for the 2016 Olympics, including the Olympic international broadcast centre.

Kiwi Brazil partnership
Helena believes Gypsteel’s association with New Zealand Company FRAMECAD has played a strong role in helping increase business opportunities and securing new contracts for the company.
“The assurance of quality is a big advantage. We know that the framing will be produced to an exacting standard and this means there is one less variable to hold up the project or create potential time, product and money wastage.
“FRAMECAD provides a complete package: machine, programmme, service and product, giving us all the support we need to execute a project.
“They have an open and highly experienced team, willing to teach everything they can. In Brazil, there is no one specialising in light gauge steel framing that has as much experience as FRAMECAD.”

Gypsteel Framecad

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