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Rapid construction, the smart way.

The FRAMECAD system helps you deliver large scale cold formed steel (CFS) construction projects faster with its advanced steel framing automated process.

The FRAMECAD Advantage The Way the World Constructs: Discover the FRAMECAD advantage

Gain efficient design and faster construction with the complete FRAMECAD system. Achieve accelerated delivery of cold formed steel (CFS) construction with automated engineering and detailing software that integrates with our world-leading factory control software and advanced roll-forming manufacturing equipment.

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VIDEO: FRAMECAD - The Way the World Constructs

We live in a world that is in constant motion. Technological innovation is reshaping old business models and approaches, and this is true even for brick-and-mortar industries like construction.

In this video, we show you how the FRAMECAD system works, and its many advantages over traditional construction techniques.

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